Bear Canyon Lake on the Mogollon Rim


Straddled up high on the Mogollon Rim surrounded by cool fresh air, the smell of pine surrounds me with splendid views in all directions of  the olive green water. Bear Canyon lake has no boats, no fisherman, no kids or park benches, just wilderness and you. This is my escape from Arizona.  Because I can not be Arizona. When the Valley’s temperature in Phoenix peak was at 107 degrees, Bear canyon lake is only 76 degrees that day. Far higher than Jerome, the  Mile high city. The Mogollon Rim pushes up Bear Canyon to 7610ft above sea level. That’s another 1/2 mile higher. Even though the hike back up the steep mountain side is only a short distance I am breathless. But the journey and view of the lake are  so peaceful and quiet. Bald Eagles are soaring in the distance and hunting.  Most of the year this lake is fairly deserted, except for an occasional hiker and Memorial day week end. From my home in Scottsdale down on Shea its only 99 minutes. That’s a hell of a change in scenery for such a short drive up into the mountains of solitude and serenity. I travel without my wife or my kids and it’s my time to bring a backpack full of trail mix, a little green stuff and my handy compact fishing pole.  Along the shore line there are a couple of great spots to cast out a  the line for trout. If I’m lucky, I’ll bring one or two surprises home for the wife and family. Enjoying a  nice dinner together again. But I am drawn to the quiet lake, that no one remembers in the summers heat.  Just to breathe that fresh pine scented air, listening to the wind while relaxing is enough for me  before returning back home.

J. Hahn  (Editor in Chief) The Weeder