Marc J. Victor speaker status and schedule April 17th 2013

Update: Hello everyone, a lot of things were changed today. First the debate for today was canceled by “Drug Free Arizona” we were told that when they found out that they would be debating Marc Victor and Tom Dean they did not want to participate any longer. We will have the promoter of the debate calling in on the Attorney for Freedom show this evening to tell us more about this, so listen in for that today at a special time of 5:00 pm for our extended 90 minute show today.I will however be speaking tomorrow to the Students for Liberty at ASU in front of the MU for their 420 event. I am scheduled to speak at 11:30 if anyone wants to come to that event.

I am also scheduled to Speak to the Young Republicans at ASU this Tuesday evening at 6:30 if anyone is interested in that.

This Saturday I will be speaking at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show in Phoenix at the fairgrounds at 10:00 am and then at the Marijuana Farmers market at 2:00 pm in Phoenix as well.