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Dispensary Revenues Projected to Reach $440 Million by 2016

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Harvest of Tempe

AZ MMJ dispensary industry, retail sales of medical cannabis in the state could grow to as much as $440 million by 2016, when the industry is expected to reach maturity with 112 regulated dispensaries open. The number of Medical Marijuana patients is calculated to reach 105,000. The highly regulated dispensaries will directly contribute more than $36 million per year in sales tax and another $43 million per year in tax/license revenues for Arizona state and local governments.

DEA alternative employment to a new ADP?

DEA alternative employment as farms hands during America’s worst drought ever?

Maybe its time to let medical marijuana plants grow and turn the DEA hands into farm hands by sending them out to help farmers solve the largest drought effecting Corn our primary source for ethanol and all foods including meat. The shortage of corn will affect gases prices and food prices. As it takes lots of corn to feed a single sow and the Government buys 29% of corn that goes for ethanol production. Prices will rise in the next year or sooner on food and gas. So instead of destroying crops, maybe its better that they help protect crops for America’s agricultural disasters. What do you think needs more attention? Could the DEA become the ADP?  The Agricultural Disaster Program?  So from law enforcement to agricultural protection and aid?   We can only hope so or they’ll be a price to pay at the pump and the grocery stores. The farmers need our help badly. Let’s save our troops and our crops. Destroying healthy crops  adds to global warming as marijuana grows quick and sequesters CO2 naturally. If the corn bell gets wiped out by global droughts maybe the DEA could guard it with guns. It will be more valuable than cannabis. Let’s take the focus off the drug war and pursue the drought war or better know as the “War on Drought”.