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Getin Freaky with Queen Ifrica

Queen Ifrica is a reggae singer and deejay from the hills above Montego Bay, Jamaica. She is the daughter of ska music legend Derrick Morgan but was raised by her mother and stepfather Lioness on the rise.  She is an active participant in several community outreach activities, including her work on the Committee for Community in the heart of Kingston’s inner-city, particularly the S-Corner community in Kingston.

Near record turn out at Medical Farmers Market

Near record turn out at Medical Farmers Market1231291_717670464925320_1083144765_n

The Team at Medical Farmers Market turned out near record number of patients as this event as they celebrated the “Year of Cannabis”. In which the winner would receive and entire year of medicine. (An ounce a month for an entire year) Big raffle prizes draw big crowds. Medical Farmers Markets draw a big crowds  in which patients can become more educated on different types of cannabis medicines and preparations to relieve symptoms that include: neuropathic pain, seizures, tremors, anticancer effects, anti inflammatory effects and more. Medical Farmers Medical continue to build a sub-culture of educating, self teaching patients and farmers with the same goal in mind, to lead patients to live higher quality lives free of illness and disease. For more information go to

Konshens Represent

Konshens Represent Garfield Spence aka Konshens (born on January 11, 1985) is a Jamaican dancehall artist

His 2005 single “Pon Di Corner” was a major hit in Japan, Juba, South Sudan and led to a month-long tour of the country and a Japan-only album release. check out WALK AND WINE OFFICIAL VIDEO

He made a guest appearance on Tarrus Riley’s Contagious album, deejaying on “Good Girl Gone Bad”, which was also released as a single. During 2009 he had a large fanbase in Guyana and Europe, where his “Gal Dem Talk” single was a major hit, and he performed at Guyana’s National Stadium in May 2011.

Medical Farmers Markets on 420

Medical Farmers Markets on 420 was a very busy event and opened a second room for guess speakers,Marc Victor, Kimberly Drawn and Adam Hendrickson as well as educational film about the medical values of cannabis plant. A long line formed at 1100AM and It took me several minutes to get inside this event. But the early bird gets the worm or cannabis anyway. We had heard that this event was going to be crazy, so we got there early.There’s nothing about this event that was not professional and it makes this new industry look good, being planned so well. I will be back here again.

Happy 420!

For more information on the Next Event go the Medical Farmers Market Website

MFM 420 (Medical Farmers Market)


Raef Cover’s Version of “Redemption song” Composed by Bob Marley

We really enjoyed Raef Cover’s Version of “Redemption song” Composed by Bob Marley.

Reaf’s voice and style do no harm to Bob’s Amazing hit and bring it back to life for me once again. We are looking forward to spirited people carrying on the tradition of activism in this world!