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Marijuana Mardi Grass in Nimbin

The protest rally and parade is held on the first weekend in May, and is the core element of MardiGrass; the centre of a festival weekend containing events such as the Hemp Olympix, including Joint Rolling, Bong Throw and Yell and Growers Iron-person events; also including the Nimbin Cannabis Cup, Harvest Ball, Picker’s Ball, live music and dance parties. The “Protest Rally and Parade” is held on the Sunday, gathers opposite the Police station and then marches away, through the village to Peace Park, accompanied by the traditional “Big Joint” and dancing Ganja Faeries.

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Campapalooza 2012

Campapalooza 2012 an amazing camping event weekend.

We tracked down the long scenic dirt road to Apache lake Marina 90 minutes from Mesa to finally TO arrive in total darkness.  On Saturday morning we  woke up only  behold the great beauty of the Marina at Apache lake all it’s splendor. Everyone was ready for a fun filled  camping weekend, abandoning our modern day technologies where no cell phones worked and no internet was available. We had returned to places where the horse and wagons passed on long journeys across the west. A place of history, Vistas, wild life and friendships.

Apache lake Marina itself standing alone between the great Cliffs of sandstone rock is almost a small town with trailers and campers, a restaurant bar and a motel. Isolated from civilization the marina holds it own atmosphere of peace and serenity.

Along the lake we traveled by pontoon boat to one of the many coves with a small beach and setup for a fire for an evening of celebration. The sky opened only to revealing a great night sky that I had not seen seen since I was a child. Many people joined up to share stories during the bonfire on the beach. I am sure that many of us and more will return next year after seeing and sharing our stories of that great weekend we had at Campapalooza. Free the Weed!

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