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Documentary – National Geographic’s “Inside Marijuana”

National Geographic’s  ” Inside Marijuana”

From Medicine to heal the pain to Rope and Textiles.”Inside Marijuana” shows all the endless possibilities. Inside Marijuana covers the culture and the clash with local law enforcement and federal government regulations and stigmatization. Take a look inside this fascinating documentary that goes inside marijuana.

Featured Kush girl of the Month – Stacey Theis

Featured Kush Girl

Stacey Theis   May Issue  2012

–  Marijuana Activist, writer, promoter and developer of  West Valley NORML and the Cannasense program.

Stacey Theis is a Dynamic dynamo that helped setup and created the West Valley NORML programs in the Glendale Arizona.

Her  Cannasense program has been is actively converting individuals into marijuana supporters and groups in the west valley.

The Cannasense program is Educating Communities, Organizations, and Politicians the truths about Cannabis and the necessity to end prohibition for the people in this country.CannaSense Campaign is a non-profit organization that consists of passionate Americans who feel education is the key to ending prohibition of the Cannabis plant. All of our members are educated advocates that have dedicated their lives to educating the public and doing our part to change current laws for the future health of this planet and those living on it. Once one learns the history and facts about Cannabis and Hemp, knowing it’s necessary to end prohibition is common sense. CannaSense! We are dedicated to clearing Cannabis’s bad name (marijuana)! We are on a mission to get Cannabis Federally Legal by educating the public, growing Cannabis organizations, and pressing politicians to “Rethink the Leaf”. We encourage voters to get involved in helping free such a resourceful plant. We believe ending prohibition will help change this world for the better and makeAmerica a happy HEALTHIER place to live.

What Being An Advocate Means To Me.

By  Tammy DeSocio   2:30 pm MT

When I joined the United States Air Force in December 1986 I was bombarded with so much government propaganda on the harmful effects of marijuana and warned of any use of the substance would be grounds for immediate discharge along with harsh disciplinary action. You can only imagine my surprise while attending a party at my first duty station at Wheeler AFB (now Army Airfield), Hawaii, seeing high ranking enlisted personnel and officers passing doobies around. When it was offered to me I immediately refused for fear of being kicked out – after everything that was drilled into me in basic training I didn’t want to do anything that would get me kicked out now!! I was stationed in Hawaii!! Didn’t want to mess that one up!!
I was exposed to it numerous times throughout my 23 years in the military. I was familiar with its effect. Tried it in high school with my friends and knew I enjoyed the feeling I got from it. Just like many of my peers, I believed the propaganda being spread all over media on the harmful effects of marijuana. Saw it as the brain frying product government wanted us to believe in those Regan propaganda days.
After retiring for two years and being on several prescription drugs for anxiety, depression, and I.B.S.  Proposition 203 had passed in Arizona and I couldn’t wait to fry my brain on drugs. So I got my medical marijuana card and got the medicine.  I was determined to kill myself on marijuana. I smoked, and smoked, and smoked.  My depression worsened to a point I stopped eating for several months. Only thing I would do was cannabis.  The whole time I was trying to “kill” myself on cannabis – I was successfully healing myself. The two VA doctors I saw for depression and anxiety told me I did not need to come back unless my symptoms came back. None of my prescription pills had been filled since I got my medical card. I wouldn’t say cannabis has “cured” me but it has helped my symptoms enough that I can be a normal member of society. We need to show the world just how normal we are and how healthy we are in order to stop prohibition. Just one person at a time.  We have to believe and be the proof. It will happen.

Tammy DeSocio   – 420 Activist and Weeder Editorial writer-editorial page

Weekly weeder video

The “Music on the Promenade” soared through the Plaza late night and was lead by Urban Quartet on Friday May 18th 2012.On a Cool pleasant night in Scottsdale song mixes themed from Rolling Stones,Violet Fems, Billy Idol, Blondi and more inspired crowds gathered around center stage.
“Not your typical mall music at all”, said Rain Baker a local resident of Scottsdale.
Rain had come from rush hour traffic just to see one of her favorite bands play for free a the Scottsdale Promenade.
Local restaurants, wines bars and shops are collective next to the stage as music played on during the night from 7pm till 9pm. Music will continue on the Promenade until June 1 so catch the next one if you missed it this event.

The  Medical Farmer Market Held at Wegrow hydroponics by camp420 in on Thomas road in Phoenix was yet another big success. Many Vendors setup tables inside to display a wide variety of free cannabis crops, smoking hard ware, vaporizers, door prizes, raffles and Edibles for all  individuals that possess a state issued medical marijuana cards.

The Camp420 Medical farmer Market also had an outdoor private smoking area and a inflatable Misting tent and Food vendors serving up smoked ribs and specialty sandwiches. The Farmer Market was held from 1200 noon until 420pm on Sunday April 6th. Information on upcoming Medical Farmer Markets can be found on web page.