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Can a local government ban medical marijuana as a violation of federal law?  According to the Court of Appeals, the answer is no.  In Beek v. City of Wyoming, the Court of Appeals held that Wyoming’s zoning ordinance was void to the extent that it penalized the manufacture and use of medical marijuana which is expressly permitted under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (“MMMA”).  Such use is still a violation of federal law under the Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”).  But because the MMMA’s immunities for medical marijuana users are not preempted by the CSA, the Court of Appeals held that federal law did not save the ordinance from state law preemption.

Marijuana Nation: Part 4 -Dispensaries what happened in California?

In Marijuana Nation the DEA closed several dispensaries the first year in California. Could this happen to Arizona Dispensaries as well only time will tell. To know of what happened in California watch Part4 of Marijuana Nation. If your a new to the dispensary business you must watch this documentary.

Mitt Romney on Medical Marijuana

Mitt Romney on Medical Marijuana

Do you want to vote for someone who wants to take away your freedom, millions of state jobs, a booming industry and patient rights?

By all means let’s go backwards!  This corporate puppet could  destroy the country’s growing green industry and promote prescription drugs with all their side effects. Let’s keep war on drugs going, it’s working right?