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Bill Montgomery on Medical Marijuana Part 2

Bill Montgomery on Medical Marijuana Part 2 Tea party meeting August 28th 2012

Questions from Highern Chef and Rain Baker

Look for :

Fallacies in Reasoning

Faulty Analogy – assumes that because two things, events, or situations are alike in some known respects, they are alike in other unknown respects; compares two things that are not alike in significant respects or have critical points of difference.

ARS-13-3405    Possession, use, production, sale or transportation of marijuana; classification

Federal preemption

Conflict preemption

Under the Supremacy Clause, any state law that conflicts with a federal law is preempted. Gibbons v. Ogden, 22 U.S. 1 (1824). Conflict arises when it is impossible to comply with both the state and federal regulations, or when the state law interposes an obstacle to the achievement of Congress’s discernible objectives.

Featured Kush girl of the Month – Stacey Theis

Featured Kush Girl

Stacey Theis   May Issue  2012

–  Marijuana Activist, writer, promoter and developer of  West Valley NORML and the Cannasense program.

Stacey Theis is a Dynamic dynamo that helped setup and created the West Valley NORML programs in the Glendale Arizona.

Her  Cannasense program has been is actively converting individuals into marijuana supporters and groups in the west valley.

The Cannasense program is Educating Communities, Organizations, and Politicians the truths about Cannabis and the necessity to end prohibition for the people in this country.CannaSense Campaign is a non-profit organization that consists of passionate Americans who feel education is the key to ending prohibition of the Cannabis plant. All of our members are educated advocates that have dedicated their lives to educating the public and doing our part to change current laws for the future health of this planet and those living on it. Once one learns the history and facts about Cannabis and Hemp, knowing it’s necessary to end prohibition is common sense. CannaSense! We are dedicated to clearing Cannabis’s bad name (marijuana)! We are on a mission to get Cannabis Federally Legal by educating the public, growing Cannabis organizations, and pressing politicians to “Rethink the Leaf”. We encourage voters to get involved in helping free such a resourceful plant. We believe ending prohibition will help change this world for the better and makeAmerica a happy HEALTHIER place to live.