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CampAPalooza Community Potluck Weekend NOV 16th – 18th

Let’s get together and camp it up – Look for campers near the restaurant and marina. Don’t like to camp? There is a motel at the lake for those who prefer not to rough it- and beautiful campsites for those who do! 5 dollars per night. Bring Firewood and your friends.


Opening Ceremonies – 9PM Friday (look for campsite near marina, and listen for familiar noises?)
W&B Hiking – 10am Saturday (meetup at lake restaurant)
Pontoon Boat Meetup – High Noon at the bar (meet there if you would like to contribute/drive. We will pick up riders at the beach-look for the pontoon to be rolling out sometime around 12:20. They rent for six hours at a time so there will be many opportunities to ride)

420 Hike at 4:20pm (meet in front of the restaurant)
Potluck Camp Dinner 7:00PM Bring your best contribution to our lakeside potluck dinner.


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First Church of Rastafari High Noon Sunday (closing ceremonies)
Price of Admission – Some firewood + 5.00 dollars per night to camp.

Apache Lake Resort
20909 E. APACHE TRAIL #6
Tortilla Flat, AZ 85119

AUGUST 4th Medical Farmers Market

On AUGUST 4th Medical Farmers Market in Arizona opened it’s doors at 10:00am. A small percent of people who are willing to stand up for this country and the rights of  the people to get  a healthy natural medicine setup tables and displays once again.   When  the War on drugs which is a war on its own people comes to an end, this medicine will be removed as a scheduled drug and  this country will be that much closer to freedom.  Only If we keep chipping away at the monopolies and conglomerates that keep trying to steal this country away from the people.

Space Cake Recipes

200 gr. of baking flour
200 CL. of milk
2 eggs
180 grams of sugar
180 grams of butter
a hot oven (200 degrees c)
a baking form

Put the butter in the microwave for about 20 seconds until it’s a fat paste. Mix the hasjs with 4/5th of the butter. (heat up the hasjs with a lighter and crumble it in the butter). With the rest of the butter your fatten the baking form so you can get the cake out easy when it’s done.Now mix the butter (and hasjs), flour, eggs and milk and sugar (and the possible extra ingredient). Keep on mixing it for a few minutes until it’s nice and smooth. If it’s to dry: at a little milk. Is it to much of a liquid: ad a little flour.

Put the cake in the oven for about 25 minutes.
Check how it looks before opening the oven. If it’s big and brown (I think you can imagine how a cake looks like) open the oven and take the cake out.

Leave it outside the oven for about 30 minutes to cool down before getting it out of it’s form.

Enjoy your meal.