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Concentrates and Extracts of Cannabis Discussion

Phoenix Cannabis Coalition Meeting April 2nd Bong Butch Discussion on Concentrates  and Extracts of Cannabis. Arizona dept of health services had ambiguous definitions of what was legal for concentrates and AMMA has NO testing for concentrates or any form of cannabis for that matter.  Under ARS 13-3405 (Arizona Narcotic Law) concentrates were an illegal narcotic. Thankfully now concentrates are excepted medicine for patients Arizona Medical Marijuana Program.

Medical Farmers Market in Phoenix hits bigger numbers

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The July 7th  Farmers Market brought a larger number of vendors, 20 minute Limousine rides, Raffles with great prizes, Smoke wear, Vaporizers, Medical Marijuana Selections, Live music and a large Vaporizer tent. Admissions were 10 dollars and 5 dollars with a food donation. We all look forward the next one and many more! We thank for their support of the cannabis community.

Arizona Medical Farmers Market July 7th – Welcome Back! 10am-200pm

Welcome to the July 7 2012

Arizona Medical Farmers Market  a4853 E.Thomas Road

Phoenix, Arizona

Helping the Vets
Kush Girl Klara Daniels
Healing Phoenix Table
Helping the Vets

Medical Farmer Market – Arizona Weekly Weeder

Saturday, July 7, 2012

10am till 2PM

With your Non-perishable Food donation for St Mary’s food bank it’s only $5.00 at the door.

Tickets $10 at the door without food donation.

Enter for a free medicated door prize to be drawn at 1pm and just pay $5 at the door.

 No backpacks or over sized bags please.

Arizona Medical Farmers Markets – Saturday, June 9, 2:00 PM until 8:00PM.

Arizona Medical Farmers Markets
CAMP 420 presents a Medical Cannabis Farmers Market 

More information at 

4853 E. Thomas Road Phoenix, AZ  85018

Saturday, June 9, 2:00 PM until 8:00PM.

Legalize it!


As a practicing RN, I could hardly wait to be able to recommend a safer alternative therapy that would help my patients with chronic pain and other symptoms. I was hopeful for the day when I could legally suggest, “Well, have you thought about medical marijuana?” Medical Marijuana, a treatment that could help my patients minus the horrible side effects that come with many of the government approved pharmaceuticals. Medical Marijuana is a choice that can alleviate symptoms and you don’t need constant monitoring to check your liver and kidney function. This Saturday June 9, CAMP 420 presents yet another installment of its medical farmers markets. Although the ‘market’ part is a bit of a misnomer since only dispensaries are allowed to sell medical marijuana.

The AMFM uses a model to give the medicine away for free which is allowed by the AZ Medical Marijuana Act. The patients and caregivers with tables sell a variety of non-cannabis items and offer the medicine for free. There are a variety of raffle drawings that will be on hand and  tastings galore. Attendees, whom are all legal patients and caregivers, will have educational opportunities to learn about which particular strains help which ailments with medical marijuana and more. – By Rain Baker, RN, MSN, founder of CAMP 420

Documentary – National Geographic’s “Inside Marijuana”

National Geographic’s  ” Inside Marijuana”

From Medicine to heal the pain to Rope and Textiles.”Inside Marijuana” shows all the endless possibilities. Inside Marijuana covers the culture and the clash with local law enforcement and federal government regulations and stigmatization. Take a look inside this fascinating documentary that goes inside marijuana.