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Global Marijuana March~Phoenix~May 4th, 4:20PM

The always peaceful Global Marijuana March in Phoenix will take place

Saturday May 4th at 420 PM.

NW corner of 3rd street and Indian School in Phoenix, Arizona

Come join us if you believe no one should be in jail for a plant.

Join us if you believe in cannabis freedom and want an end to the drug war.

The march aims to join in support of cannabis freedom with cities across the globe. Support for the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of cannabis are supported as well as support for ending the criminalization of a plant.

We encourages people to sign pro-pot petitions and people start gathering at 4PM at Indian Steel School Park. We encourage everyone to make a sign and join the pro marijuana revolution.  

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Marijuana Mardi Grass in Nimbin

The protest rally and parade is held on the first weekend in May, and is the core element of MardiGrass; the centre of a festival weekend containing events such as the Hemp Olympix, including Joint Rolling, Bong Throw and Yell and Growers Iron-person events; also including the Nimbin Cannabis Cup, Harvest Ball, Picker’s Ball, live music and dance parties. The “Protest Rally and Parade” is held on the Sunday, gathers opposite the Police station and then marches away, through the village to Peace Park, accompanied by the traditional “Big Joint” and dancing Ganja Faeries.

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Medical Farmers Market Interview with Rain Baker

Medical Farmers Markets have developed By Rain Baker in Phoenix Arizona has developed into a Large event attracting hundreds of People every month. Patients with Arizona Green Cards are only allowed at this event can select and become educated on different type of cannabis medicine specific for their symptoms.For example Indica strains promote better rest and sleep and Sativa strains can make a patient more active during the day and reduce pain. Come check out this growing cannabis event. More Infomation at