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Marijuana Mardi Grass in Nimbin

The protest rally and parade is held on the first weekend in May, and is the core element of MardiGrass; the centre of a festival weekend containing events such as the Hemp Olympix, including Joint Rolling, Bong Throw and Yell and Growers Iron-person events; also including the Nimbin Cannabis Cup, Harvest Ball, Picker’s Ball, live music and dance parties. The “Protest Rally and Parade” is held on the Sunday, gathers opposite the Police station and then marches away, through the village to Peace Park, accompanied by the traditional “Big Joint” and dancing Ganja Faeries.

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CampAPalooza Community Potluck Weekend NOV 16th – 18th

Let’s get together and camp it up – Look for campers near the restaurant and marina. Don’t like to camp? There is a motel at the lake for those who prefer not to rough it- and beautiful campsites for those who do! 5 dollars per night. Bring Firewood and your friends.


Opening Ceremonies – 9PM Friday (look for campsite near marina, and listen for familiar noises?)
W&B Hiking – 10am Saturday (meetup at lake restaurant)
Pontoon Boat Meetup – High Noon at the bar (meet there if you would like to contribute/drive. We will pick up riders at the beach-look for the pontoon to be rolling out sometime around 12:20. They rent for six hours at a time so there will be many opportunities to ride)

420 Hike at 4:20pm (meet in front of the restaurant)
Potluck Camp Dinner 7:00PM Bring your best contribution to our lakeside potluck dinner.


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First Church of Rastafari High Noon Sunday (closing ceremonies)
Price of Admission – Some firewood + 5.00 dollars per night to camp.

Apache Lake Resort
20909 E. APACHE TRAIL #6
Tortilla Flat, AZ 85119

Enjoy the spirit and culture of downtown Phoenix as you mingle with thousands of other residents

First Fridays

Enjoy the spirit and culture of downtown Phoenix as you mingle with thousands of other residents and visitors. Tour more than 70 art galleries, venues, and related spaces. Get from place-to-place on a free shuttle starting at the Phoenix Art Museum or at major stops on each route.

First Fridays Map

Print a First Fridays Art Walk Map courtesy of Downtown Phoenix Journal and guide yourself. Maps are also available at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Come see the Camp420  And the Arizona Weekly Weeder table at first Friday!

Sunset Farmers Market at 1st street and Roosevelt

Sunset Farmers Market at 1st street and Roosevelt 

was held on Sunday September 16th. The Cannabis was free along with Music and atmosphere. Hosted by Camp420 and

Arcosanti Gallery

Every June I look forward Juneteenth jazz Fest.  Arcosanti is located of the beaten path of 2 miles of dirt road at exit 262 on the I-17 just 25 minutes North of Black Canyon city. Although it’s difficult to find, its well worth to experience archology.  Arcosanti looks like a set for a Mad Max movie. It is a place of beauty as it is built on the edge of a ravine that drops off exposing spectacular views of green pasture below and desert above. There are catwalks and small ponds arranged and built into the buildings. A large concrete Auditorium called “The Vault” is a like a large barrel cut in half and placed on its side. The vault has collects the wind and sweeps through it from minute to minute, shading and cooling people while they listened to music. Advocates for sustainable energy collect here as well as artists that make large bronze wind chimes. If you never been it’s a must see. If you can find it. Note to self: Take a Good updated GPS, a bathing suit ,favorite bud & the Bongs.

Arizona Medical Farmers Markets – Saturday, June 9, 2:00 PM until 8:00PM.

Arizona Medical Farmers Markets
CAMP 420 presents a Medical Cannabis Farmers Market 

More information at 

4853 E. Thomas Road Phoenix, AZ  85018

Saturday, June 9, 2:00 PM until 8:00PM.

Legalize it!


As a practicing RN, I could hardly wait to be able to recommend a safer alternative therapy that would help my patients with chronic pain and other symptoms. I was hopeful for the day when I could legally suggest, “Well, have you thought about medical marijuana?” Medical Marijuana, a treatment that could help my patients minus the horrible side effects that come with many of the government approved pharmaceuticals. Medical Marijuana is a choice that can alleviate symptoms and you don’t need constant monitoring to check your liver and kidney function. This Saturday June 9, CAMP 420 presents yet another installment of its medical farmers markets. Although the ‘market’ part is a bit of a misnomer since only dispensaries are allowed to sell medical marijuana.

The AMFM uses a model to give the medicine away for free which is allowed by the AZ Medical Marijuana Act. The patients and caregivers with tables sell a variety of non-cannabis items and offer the medicine for free. There are a variety of raffle drawings that will be on hand and  tastings galore. Attendees, whom are all legal patients and caregivers, will have educational opportunities to learn about which particular strains help which ailments with medical marijuana and more. – By Rain Baker, RN, MSN, founder of CAMP 420