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Hemp Environment Benefits

Hemp Environment Benefits 
Hemp benefits the environment in several ways.The growing crop absorbs the greenhouse gas CO2, ‘sequestering’ it and reducing atmospheric pollution responsible for climate change. Hemp also provides a low-energy and ‘low-carbon’ alternative to products requiring more energy intensive processing and production.

Hemp requires much less chemical fertilizer, and no pesticides or herbicides to grow. Thus hemp supports biodiversity and a transition to organic farming methods. The deep roots of the plant draw nutrients upward, and irrigate the soil as they decompose following the harvest. The leaves also make a rich compost. In rotation with bio-fuel, grain or other crops, hemp can enhance yields.

Finally, hemp supports local and regional sustainable development, employment creation and eco-innovation.

Hemp has for centuries been used in construction and is today making a comeback, thanks largely to the work of ecological building pioneers in Ireland and overseas. In France a traditional hemp building method of combining hemp with a lime binder, to make solid walls and floors, has been revived to build hundreds of houses in recent years. Products such as ‘ Hempcrete’ and ‘Hemcrete’ are used in conjunction with timber frame in multi-storey buildings.

Industrial buildings, such as Adnam’s (UK) new brewery depot, showcase the opportunity for mainstream developers to boost energy-efficiency and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Natural building materials are also non-toxic and safer to work with. As we spend 90% of our lives indoors, indoor air quality is important. Hemp insulation helps create a warm comfortable interior environment. In Germany, the UK and elsewhere hemp building and insulation products have won numerous awards and commendations from technical and health experts.

Smoke green, Live green: Real Hidden Earth House Oasis in Switzerland

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If you’ve ever wanted to live inside a home that is blanketed by the earth, look no further than Switzerland-based architect Peter Vetsch’s Earth Houses. Vetsch Architektur, the Zurich-based architectural firm led by Vetsch, has constructed dozens of these energy saving eco-houses all across its native land. They promise a nature-friendly lifestyle in a very organic living space that reminds us of Simon Dale’s hobbit house.

Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse is located in Dietikon, Switzerland. The viridescent mounds of earth have the homes tucked in beneath them, keeping them almost hidden. It’s like stumbling upon a secret underground society that has balanced the best of modern design and energy-efficient living. They appear like cozy huts to live in but are actually quite spacious inside. The estate includes 9 separate homes, featuring three 3 bedroom, a 4 bedroom, a 5 bedroom, three 6 bedroom and a 7 bedroom house. There is even an artificial lake in the center, a subterranean parking lot, and room to grow vegetation on the property.