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Okay.  Not sure how it is for you all…but for me, as a single, younger, new to AZ, Stoner chick it ain’t all that easy to just start making friends and start a new life…luckily for me, I had family out here.  However, MY family was not going to be supportive of my medicinal habits, so I had to think about this:

Either A. Get a card

Or B. Try it the old fashioned way

I knew that because of the whole “legalization” thing going on out here, everyone was gonna be actin’ a little sketch (much like my home at heart, CA)…but I believe in my freedoms and I believe it is our duty as Americans to practice civil disobedience in positive and non-violent ways.  So, I knew what had to be done: Research.


I found this meet-up dot com website by an aunt’s suggestion.  I had been here in Zonieland for about a month and decided it was time to make some friends (preferably in the community, but I have non-stoner friends too).

I looked up what was happening that day as far as meetups were concerned, and a modeling thing came up for a Kush Girl Contest.  To be honest, I didn’t give a shit about winning a contest (although $500 bucks doesn’t hurt me these days)…what I cared about was making stoner gal pals.

So, I hoped in my car, and got there in perfect timing.  I walked inside without any of my stuff (cause you just never know with people man…some people are just shaddy…luckily, Rain is the furthest thing from a shaddy person) just to check it all out to see if it was something I really wanted to do.

I was wearing jeans I designed myself back in cali and a top of the same nature.  I tend to alter my clothes when they start to fall apart or if I want something a little different.   I guess I come across as a hippy when you first meet me, but I like shaving and I don’t like patchouli…so I dunno…fighting that label since I was a kid…I guess people just like to label you and there is nothing you can do about some of them. Flower Child seems more appropriate to me than hippy.  Most of the self-professed hippies I have met recently are less about hugging trees and more about chemical drugs (not my thing man.  I am more of a “if it comes from the earth as a plant I might try it” Kinda gal).  To each their own though dudes, that just is not my “thang”.  Not really a drinker either, but hey, I am no stranger to that liquid courage I still partake in moderation.

Anyway, where was I?  oh, yeah, the modeling shoot:

There were a couple gentlemen at the front and they asked if I was a patient and where all my stuff was.  I can take some instruction, I so I ran out in my heels to grab the rest of my stuff 😉


Walking through the back, I saw a lot of smiling happy faces.  Relaxed faces.  The kind of faces you want to chillax with.  The photographer and his lovely assistant were getting warmed up.  I think we made her feel uncomfortable.  She was a devote Mormon and I don’t think she partakes in the garden herb of our forefathers.   I like morons, I like most people really.   I am not a fan of certain personalities, but that does not mean it has anything to do with their religion/creed necessarily.

Stoner moment.  Got a little sidetracked again…from my perspective, that was a good thing, you get more of the story, but whatever.


Back to my story:

So I go in the back room where all the girls are getting ready.

It is the usual dressing room scene: a bunch of half-naked girls giving each other compliments, talking about props and hair, Mary Jane Legislation (I found the few fellow-stoner chicks that were there and had them catch me up on all the ins and outs of AZ M.J. laws) and different companies and services we each offered.  One girl has an awesome beauty canna-care line, another girl is a personal trainer (when I have the money, I might hire her.  She looks fantastic.  Probably why she won.), and the one girl from Tucson had her own work-out clothing company.

Needless to say, we all had a blast.

So, here is where my adventures begin: Rain gives me a number to get my AZ Medical Card (cause, unfortunately, stoners are still discriminated against and have to show documentation of who we are -like a Star of David in the holocaust).  I had my cali card still and I wasn’t even sure if the political climate was good to be getting my AZ medi-card in.

I mean, was the State going to take my money and publicize my info?

Were they going to harass my family and me at our home?  Were they going to take my money and not send me the card?

I had no idea how things were going down here in Wild West.  I was not even sure if I wanted to stay here to be honest.  The summers can be a bit brutal, and if the laws were no bueno…well, I was not interested in getting a card and staying here.

Rain assured me it was a worthy cause, so I bit the bullet and got my approval through the state shortly after.  Notice how I didn’t say my “card”.  That is because I didn’t receive my card-that is mailed from the State (i.e. Phoenix) until my birthday; which was a good two to three months after I applied and was approved through the State.  I know it does not take that long to receive a piece of mail from a location that takes me less than 30 minutes to drive to.

Now, either someone was illegally messing with my mail (it is a federal offence to mess with someone else’s mail), or…I don’t know.  But I finally received my card yesterday after having to have the lovely woman who processes and sends out our cards on behalf of the State send me my card at least 3 or 4 times.  Hence my celebration article number 1 from “The Adventures in Zonieland with Dank Dasie”.

I am excited to be official J

Chillum from a local Toke Shop in Snottsdale in one hand, a “flick-my-bick” bumble bee lighter from a gas station on the freeway somewhere near nothing and nowhere in my other….

Many more Adventures to come, if you enjoy that sort of thing 😉

Peace, Love and Supporting our Kushy-Faced Community.

(I got a free sticker at the Kush Girl Contest.  A man at one of the booths there who was selling a bunch of pretty bitchen T-shirts gave it to me ad it was a picture of a stoner chick with stoner eyes and it said “Kushy Face”…So, the “Kushy- Face” is their saying, not mine.  Not tryin’ to hold back on proper props).


Your fellow Zonieland resident stoner,

Dank Daisie


Till next time:

Be good, or be good at it kids 😉

Oh, and sharing is caring…or is it “Donating is caring?”  Maybe both.