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Savages 2012 fact or fiction?

Although another great Oliver stone movie, Savages 2012 points to the dark flip side of what might happen to South California Medical Marijuana growers as Mexican cartels try to take over their healthy green business. Savages 2012 as a movie points to a fictitious acts in the medical marijuana market and pushes us father away from legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana. Unlike Reefer madness’ 1936 style that now appears comical and untruthful. Savages does point to the possibilities that may happen in big money marijuana businesses. The fact is legalization makes a drug readily available and lowers the price down far below black market prices of 6000.00 /pound. One day if we see legalization we will see even the best marijuana stand up to what the free market price says high-grade medical marijuana is worth and not the current black market prices. Does anybody kill, rob or steal over a truck full of beer or cigarettes?  Ask yourself why is marijuana so expensive? Is marijuana more complicated to grow than tobacco?  The answer is absolutely not! Indoor growing requires lots of electricity, continuous monitoring of water humidity light and chemicals.  The price drops if it is grown as a commodity like tobacco. In order to do that it must be legalized and rescheduled. Currently the Federal Government  says it has  no medical value or benefit and that is reefer madness. Truths of marijuana’s healing and pain killing properties will be suppressed no more as more tests have proven it a useful drug given to us by god. Stop the madness call your congressman, get involved by writing or joining NORML. At least hear what sick people having been saying a long time. This stuff helps people and tobacco? You know the truth about tobacco. If we legalize this drug like tobacco, will this movie be fiction? Legalizing marijuana  kills the black market Cartels and violence associated with them by killing the price.  When did cartels(the mob) use guns to protect alcohol? Check out alcohol prohibition. Either way enjoy this thriller-action movie. Because it’s very good.  5 stars Oliver Stone.