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The rise and fall of the 25 mile rule

The state’s medical-marijuana law intended to limit urban growing by forcing people to buy at dispensaries, so after today, legal growers within 25 miles of a dispensary must begin shutting down their operations except under limited circumstances. The 25 mile monopoly rule is its real name. The state will allow current cardholders to grow marijuana until they apply for their annual renewal which will be denied. As it is as stupid as any rule has ever been. It’s  giving patients permission to grow and then taking it away. This  has created condition in people whom had a license to grow and than changing to rules.That  is a setup against the patients. In other words people are going to continue to grow and at great risk. It’s no different then issuing gun permits in Arizona for 2 years and then applying for renewal and getting rejected. No more guns, return them or go to jail. It would create a civil war. Talk about setting up condition for arresting patients. This is WRONG!  What about a person in great pain whom is poor and  doesn’t have the money to pay for expensive medical marijuana? This is NOT freedom! What if WALMART said not you can’t grow tomatoes at home and changed the laws to make outdoor/indoor gardening of tomatoes illegal?

Get active now because the shit is about to hit the fan! Show up to Phoenix NORML meetings. There will be 99 dispensaries in the valley. Why the limited number$$$$$??  That’s right  MONOPOLY. Say it.  The free market would not set a limit to the number of dispensaries.  Competition is much smarter because  nobody sets up a dry cleaner in the same strip mall with another dry cleaner right? Imagine  having a 100 dry cleaners in the valley? Would that be a monopoly?  The revenue is going to be very high along with the prices of marijuana at these dispensaries. I would like to see 2% of Phoenix patients at the next firehouse NORML meeting 30,000 X .02 =600 people. Come on show up people! Your freedom is on the chopping block!