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1000 Signatures Race Safer Arizona 2014


You can also send us your name and address so we can mail petitions directly to you.  Check out the petitioning Rules for guidelines and tips to ensure that each signature will count!!

Good Luck!~
Try Concerts and swap meets, and other large gatherings.   Be polite and stay on public property and you will be fine.  Get permission to go on private areas or just feel it out or try it out.  Bring a friend, team work, works!

All petitions must be turned in by 500PM on December 31ST to Dennis Bohlke of Safer Arizona. Winner will be announced later in the week and will receive a check for 1000 dollars The Address for Safer Arizona :

Safer Arizona 3313 East Hillery Drive. Phoenix, AZ 85032

Phone: 602 867 1755  email us:

Print My Own Petitions here


Let’s Get Signatures! On First Friday


The First Friday get going around starts at 6PM – 10 PM and we need as many people as possible to show and help petition for this event. The Revolver Records is at 2nd st Street and Roosevelt  All petitioners should be registered voters with the State of Arizona. Contact Kimberly Draughan on Facebook and Dennis Bohlke  of Safer Arizona and Rain Baker.

Arizona Canna Kush Fest at 910 Live


LIVE MUSIC with The Hourglass Cats, Black Bottom Lighters and more…
VIP green room, Private cabanas,  music, speakers, booths, sponsors.

Fun for 21 and over.
COMING this Saturday, October 12, 2013   Doors open at 6PM
3rd ANNUAL Canna Kush Medical Marijuana Expo  (21 and over only).
910 Live 910 N McClintock, Tempe, AZ 

No card required. 21 and over. Tickets

Arizona Marijuana Petition For Regulation And Taxation


Clicking on the image will link you to a PDF file of the Petition Page.

The Petition consists of three(3) pages printed on both sides.

It must be printed on 8.5 x 14 inch legal size paper.

It must not be resized or sized to fit, it must be printed as is.

Completed Petitions do not require all fifteen blanks be filled in.

Completed Petitions must be notarized before sending or delivering to:

Safer Arizona
3313 East Hillery Drive
Phoenix, Arizona 85032

Thank you for your support.
Dennis Bohlke
Call or Text 602-867-1755
Marijuana Initiative Text PDF   Petitions and Tee Shirts    Full Text of Initiative   Campaign Contributions

C-04-2014 Petition Front Plate PDF
Petiton Face PDF on Image Click
C-04-2014 Petition Back Plate PDF
Petiton Back PDF on Image Click
C-04-2014 Full Text P1 Plate PDF
Full Text Page 1 PDF on Image Click
C-04-2014 Full Text P2 Plate PDF
Full Text Page 2 PDF on Image Click
C-04-2014 Full Text P3 Plate PDF
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C-04-2014 Full Text P4 Plate PDF
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