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Marijuana in America

Ted Barnes

  • Ted Barnes
  • Ocala, FL
  • United States

The legalization of Marijuana in America.

This is obviously not a new debate topic. I’m 24 years old and in my entire lifetime this topic has been in and out of the public eye. Ronald Reagan told Americans “Marijuana could be the most dangerous drug in this country today”.

5 questions to help guide this topic.

1 – Medicinal marijuana over the past 10 years has become more and more accepted in more and more states. How is this affecting the legalization movement?

2 – Throughout the last 75 years, we have been bombarded with lies about the effects of marijuana on the human body. Why has this happened?

3 – There seems to be a split among the supporters of marijuana about whether we should decriminalize it or legalize, regulate, and tax it. If you support the use of marijuana, where do you stand? If you don’t, give reason as to why you think the system should remain the same.

4 – In 2009, there were over 800,000 marijuana related arrests in the United states alone. That’s almost 100 people per hour. That’s about 3/4 of all the arrests drug-related. What would be the repercussions financially on our prison/jail/justice system if marijuana were to be legalized?

5 – The “War on Pot” waged by the US spends anywhere from 35-45 billion dollars annually on enforcing marijuana laws (This includes state and federal funds. These numbers vary in source and it is very hard to get a definitive number but nonetheless it is a LOT of doh). Would America’s economy suffer more from legalization? Take into account the loss of useless prescription drugs, private jails, and anything else that would be directly affected by legalization.

Michele Leonhart Can’t or Won’t answer simple questions about the effects of illegal drugs.

Unfortunately it looks as though our DEA head, Ms. Leonhart, is another bad joke reminiscent of the failed war on drugs.  It apparently is getting harder and harder to find cognitively sound professionals who will continue to support lies.